Funny animals near us :)

More funny pictures!!

I’m stylish dog!

And you will be able to do it?!

Hey where is my lunch?!

Oh, my God, what with his eyes? His stole aliens?

Look at my nose, it so big…

Hmm… What are you reading now?!

I’m big turtle, waw-waw…


5 responses to “Funny animals near us :)

  1. Those are very funny… I sent them to my friends as attachments…

  2. wat kind of animal is this it is like the cutest thing ever

  3. i love all the anumals/thanks 4 putting them out

  4. it is funny but there should be more photos cause wen i got 2 the end i thought “was dat it?” put some more funny pics please! THX

  5. Fennec Fox

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