Fuuny story: The Penguin

fuuny penguinGrowing up, you could say that I had a rather unique childhood. You see, love of animals is one thing, having a father who was local veterinary simply provided fuel for this passion. All kinds of sick, destitute and homeless animals make our home their castle. The animal that took the cake if (which is difficult in cows, horses, donkeys, koalas, kangaroos, ducks and eagles) had to be Fairy Penguin.

It was set father at work one night. Its water feathers evidence was gummed together with oil and only a bucket of detergent can remove the thick layer of tar. The penguin receive regular food fish in the ocean a few kilometres away, hoping they build their strength at the point where he again darts May by the swell. After 3 weeks of cold and oily fish penguin gave all the signs he was ready to go. His beak small pocket actively through his coat, smoothing feathers as if he expected to be precipitated by water.

But how can you tell if a penguin can still swim? Well, a quick dip in the pool of salt water seemed to be a good idea at the time. So with his small rubber paddles as if the beating of the propellers, he plunged into the pool. The penguin disappeared from sight in an instant. He was still in the pool, but his movements (which had the same predictability and untied balloon exhale children) were so flashy and fast as an exact location is difficult to comprehend. Thus, it is clear he can swim. What happens now very unclear is how we were going to get him out so that they can be released, which was the plan all along. Being the youngest of three brothers, I was naturally the first sent to recuperate. However, trying to seize with both hands was trying to catch a wet, leather football with your eyes closed. With fatigue increasingly my headache and hold my breath without reward, all kinds of equipment pool was launched in the turbulent waters to help.

After hours of unsuccessful attempts, a combination of a final group of volleyball-net and a sheet scoop was able to herd the darting penguin in a corner where he could be arrested. Wasting little time, he was taken to the nearest beach, the salt on the air resulting in a rise of activity very happy and propellers a whirlwind once more. Finally, the crisp salt water and wrapped him up after the air he plunged beneath the waves and was absent …. fast.


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