Photo report: 18th Annual Halloween Dog Parade in New York

Recently in New York at the Tompkins Square Park was 18th Annual Halloween dog parade, and the pups were out in their costumed best! This is the New York City equivalent of the world famous Village Halloween Parade, except for dogs and their canine affable friends.

It was a glorious, striking day and the costumes did not disappoint. Leave it to New Yorkers to enjoy in humiliating themselves and their pets for a day of good fun. They really did a good job at it too. Let’s watch all photo in continued…

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How could it happen?!?

This picture saw hosts of horse at one morning. Poor animal stuck in the tree and could not pull the head from it… (watch more photo in continued)

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The most funny animals of the week!

Today we want to present to you the top 10 most funny and cute animals!

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Cat or Lion??

Friends, please help me! Who is actually in the picture, a cat or a lion??

More fun pics here…

Cute little animals and their moms

These young animals are so pretty nice! Let’s watch it together… (65 photo)

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Little puppy needs help!!

Little puppy requests for help! I think he cry: “I want out!”…

Funny animals near us :)

More funny pictures!!
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